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Written by espressodoppio   
Wednesday, 27 May 2009 04:48

... and be prepared to go to another surgeon if you don't like what you're hearing. First and foremost, a surgeon wants success. Success for you means success for him. If he feels something is risky for you, he won't take the chance, in part because he wants you to be a happy camper, but also in part because bad news travels at least as quickly as good news.

And 'risk' as far as the surgeon is concerned could include aesthetics. So if your surgeon seems shocked when you say you want something bigger than 500cc, or that you want something larger than a D-cup, chances are good that you need to consult with another surgeon.

That said, if you have 5 consults with 5 different surgeons, and they're all telling you the same thing (eg, "Your body simply cannot take more than 500cc with the first surgery"), perhaps it's time to stop and listen to them. Conversely, if the surgeon you're with doesn't want to discuss plans for subsequent surgeries, possibly trying to steer you away from the notion with comments like, "You actually like that size?", you might want to consider finding a surgeon who is willing to work with you on your long-term plans.

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