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Dual Plane method
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Sunday, 01 November 2009 05:25

Dr Roy. A. Semlacher emphasizes importance of this new method in a seminar on Breast Implants and Tummy Tucks.

The Dual Plane method is the buzz-word in breast augmentation these days. It not only attributes to a more attractive breast but the method also ensures that the patient has a safer surgery and faster recovery. 

Dr Roy. A. Semlacher has mastered this technique pioneered by Dr. John Tebbetts. This technique ensures minimal blood loss during surgery that hastens recovery and minimizes bruising. Other surgeons place the implant totally under the muscle, which can decrease the chance of getting a capsular contracture but this often results in a unattractive breast that hangs off the end of the implant. On the other hand, Dr. Semlacher's method allows the breast to have a natural shape while still having the benefits of going under the muscle.

All this and more is being explained in a seminar by Dr Roy. A. Semlacher, one of California's leading plastic surgeons. He is a Canadian Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, practicing in California. But his successful surgeries attract patients from as far as South Korea and Japan. Presently, he is the Director of Plastic Surgery at the Mercy San Juan Hospital. He has been consulted with or featured on radio, news and magazine. He specializes in surgery of the face, breast and abdomen. This particular seminar is about breast augmentation (both silicone and saline) and tummy tucks.

Besides being an expert in his field, the doctor is supported by friendly and well informed staff. The ambiance at his office puts the patients at ease. At no time does the staff resort to a hard sell. To ensure safety, all the procedures are performed at the Mercy San Juan Surgery Center with all anesthetics given by a board certified MD anesthesiologist. And the wait period for a surgery is no more than 6 weeks.

Here, going for surgery is a two way process. On one hand, patients are informed of the benefits and risks in detail. On the other, the doctor must ascertain the patients' expectations. Having realistic goals is encouraged. So a minimum of two pre-surgery appointments are necessary for this. The patient's spouse or significant other, must come to at least one of these appointments in order to be at ease with the surgeon. After the surgery, Dr. Semlacher is available at all times. He says, “Your surgeon should be there for you, before, during and after the procedure. 

The statement makes sense. Because putting yourself in the hands of another individual is an act of sheer courage. In return, patients want the comfort of knowing that they are dealing with an expert who can be trusted emotionally too. So, for those who think plastic surgery can make them look and feel better, this seminar should not be missed.

Call Tammy at 916-537-5003 to reserve seat at the seminar, being held on April, 17th and May, 20th, 2008 at 6555 Coyle Avenue, Suite 150, Carmichael, 95608. For more information visit www.new-visage.com 

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Dr. Roy Semlacher
6555 Coyle Ave., Suite 220 

Phone: 916-961-9219 

Website: http://www.new-visage.com


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