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New Plastic Surgery Device Keeps Breast Implants in Place
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Munster, IN (PRWEB via PRWebDirect) August 31, 2006 -- Keeping breast implants in place is the goal of a new surgical procedure invented by an Indiana plastic surgeon. Dr Robert Frank, a board certified plastic surgeon and member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, became frustrated with the number of women he was seeing with older breast implants which had become displaced over time.

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“These women didn’t need a breast lift,” said Frank, “It was their implants that had dropped not their breast tissue.” This condition, commonly know as bottoming out, was making women less satisfied with their breasts and their implants. Bottoming out can be due to the weight of an implant pulling on weakened tissues or can be the result of poor implant placement during the initial procedure. “The first woman I saw for this problem had had her implants placed by one of the most prominent plastic surgeons in Chicago so I guess the lesson is it could happen to anyone and at any time after the implants are placed,” said Frank.


When patients experience bottoming out, they often complain that one breast sits higher on their chest than the other due to uneven implant pocket formation. In more advanced cases, the nipple appears to sit too high on the breast and in the worst scenario, patients may become concern that their nipple might “pop out” when wearing a bra or bathing suit top. “The problem, “said Frank,” is not that the nipple sits too high, it’s that the implant sits too low.”

Traditional techniques for repair of bottoming out have involved a procedure known as a capsulorrhaphy in which the scar capsule supporting the implant is brought together to close off the pocket where the implant sits. “Unfortunately, sewing weak tissues together and then replacing the implant which caused the initial stress is a setup for failure,” said Frank. Studies have reported over 50% failure rates for capsulorrhaphy.

Frank’s technique uses a patented mesh sling to support and bear the weight of the implant. “General surgeons have used mesh for years to repair hernias elsewhere in the body, “he said, “to some degree this is just a hernia of the breast.” The mesh not only closes off the defect caused by the stretched tissue but, acts as a scaffold for new scar tissue. “Once the scar tissue has grown into the mesh, the chance of recurrence becomes very small.” said Frank. This process occurs within about two weeks. Patients report the mesh feels much like the implant does and after a few weeks most are back to their normal activities.

A second group of implant related problems is also well suited for mesh repair. “I see patients frequently who’s implants fall into their armpits when they lay back, “ said Frank, “unfortunately, few plastic surgeons examine their patients in this position so often they aren’t even aware there’s a problem”. The same mesh sling placed vertically can be used to close off this “lateral displacement” giving patient back the cleavage they enjoyed initially after their surgery.

To date, Frank has used his mesh sling on over 30 breasts and has received rave reviews by patients treated. Unlike the older capsulorrhaphy procedure, no patients treated with the mesh have had recurrent bottoming out. Word of the new device has spread and patients have traveled to Indiana from Minnesota, Florida, Texas, California and all throughout the Chicagoland/Northwest Indiana area specifically for the mesh technique. “Given the option of mesh or losing their implants, many patients will gladly make the trip,” Frank said. 

For additional information about implant displacement and the mesh sling contact Dr Frank via www.ariasurgery.com.

About Dr Robert E. Frank, MD:
Dr Frank is a board certified Plastic Surgeon in private practice in Munster, Indiana. Dr Frank specializes in breast and body cosmetic procedures especially revisional plastic surgery. He is the patent holder for the mesh breast sling. More information on Dr Frank is available on his practice website www.ariasurgery.com or by phone at (219) 924-3377.

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